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Updated CL Posting Guideline, Plus on dealing with new customers who need our network services

Posted on 20 February, 2016

See the updated CL Posting Guide (PVA, IP, etc.) here:

– We turn away more than 99% of all customers who can’t treat IPs as their best friends, and can’t be straight with me.

– We refuse to accept any new customers who can’t provide the justification on how our high-end NetworkCities IPs are used.

– We help new/existing customers on how to deal with the unique network services provided by for accessing to various services. To make it happen, please be honest with us (and don’t be afraid) on your requirements – so we can help you.

– We are in business for 15+ years – dealing with the ever-changing Internet landscape. I have many old-time customers who are still with us for a long time, even longer than many sites such as Facebook. :)